Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burgers and cake

Having eaten a ton of food in the past few days, I unfortunately forgot that a) I have a camera and b) I have a blog. Just trust me when I say that banana waffles are delicious, as are grilled "Italian" tofu and veggies, Clif bars and anything from Lebanese Taverna.

Last night I made the black bean burgers from Veganomicon. I've made these previously and absolutely adored them but unfortunately, I was out of gluten at home and didn't feel like buying any so... I waited until I was at my parents' house. In the future, I won't be waiting this long again. These burgers are a great reason, in and of themselves, to go out and buy the entire supply of vital wheat gluten from your local co-op or Kroger! Just don't serve any to your celiac friends, I guess.
I actually forgot I had a camera or blog until way after dinner last night so the photo is of the remaining burgers (I made a double-batch) just piled up on a plate as I rushed to photograph them before doing the dishes.The burgers had a mixed vote. Dad was fully in favor, mom was ambivalent and M, being a 10-year-old, didn't seem too impressed. She ended up eating a lot of sweet potato fries last night.
I had an idea for a carrot cake with cardamom cream cheese frosting in my head ever since we went to Nine Mile in Asheville and they totally failed at having it in house on that night. So after I'd formed the burgers, I mixed up the batter for a single-layer carrot cake based on VCTOTW's carrot cake cupcakes.

Naturally, I changed a few things: the yogurt became coconut yogurt, the frosting became cardamom frosting, the cake had a wee bit more ginger and cinnamon as well as a touch of nutmeg and cardamom. I used my go-to cream cheese frosting proportions, which have more cream cheese in about a 2:1 ratio and then I dialed up the sugar accordingly.
Finally, I couldn't find a round cakepan so I made it in a square glass pan. Unfortunately, I didn't think about the fact that Pyrex pans tend to have rounded corners, so the resulting cake was less than square. A. came over midway and helped out so I promised her half the cake which will also assure we see each other before I go back to Blacksburg. I am so not above cake-based bribery!
End result: The cake was extremely homemade. It domed something fierce and of course I began frosting in a warm kitchen with runny frosting and so the layers slid about quite a bit and forgot to trim the dome and the corners were rounded and just, oh my!
Despite all that, the cake itself was DELICIOUS. As was the frosting, which mom and I may have eaten off the spatulas as we cleaned out the mixer bowl.

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